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Site Renewal!!

Mas at Kuzuryu Shrine, Hakone, Japan

After a long hiatus and creating numerous websites for other people, I have finally set up my own professional website!!

Happy year of Dragon! - at the Kuzuryu Shrine (Shrine of Nine-Headed Dragon) in Hakone, Japan

I have been needing to set up a site that will showcase my professional work as a live sound engineer and web programmer, but it’s always hard to do things for yourself… Now that I have finally gotten around to doing it, I hope that this site will serve for those interested in my work to get a sense of who I am and what I do.

I will be updating the site as often as I can, posting some useful information and ideas in areas of live sound engineering and web programming. So please feel free to look around and post a comment or contact me if you are so inclined.

The design is minimal right ...

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