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Integrating Contact Form 7 with iContact


Here is another post on integrating Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin to an email marketing service which I did for my recent client – this time with iContact. There are few ways to use iContact API, but I chose to use send HTTP post with json encoding. A convenient built-in WordPress function makes it relatively straightforward.

Happy coding!

Register your App

First, you need to create and register an application for your iContact account. Follow the steps outlined here. You can create a sandbox account if you want to test the integration before you apply it to your active lists. In either case, you will need the following information:

API Username (If using sandbox, this is a username for your sandbox account) Application ID Application Password API URL (you will see this under Account Information when you set your application password. It should look like this: Find List ID

You need a numeric ID for the list that ...

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Integrating Contact Form 7 to MailChimp – the Better Way


Recently, I had to figure out how to integrate excellent Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress to a MailChimp list, so when someone uses the contact form on the site, his/her name and email address are added to MailChimp list. I thought it won’t be that hard to find the answer, since MailChimp offers an array of API calls, but to the contrary, my search didn’t really get me what I was looking for, so now that I figured it out, I thought I’d put it out there for others to use.

My initial search yielded this post, suggesting that I modify the Contact Form 7 code itself, which is what I definitely didn’t want to do. I also found this post which talks about using wpcf7_mail_sent action hook to send form data to a custom database. So with some reference to the MailChimp listSubscribe API, I came up with a ...

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Most Essential WordPress Plugins

Plug In!

From my experience as a WordPress theme developer, I believe that you need to use as few plugins as you can, to keep your site lightweight and fast. Of course, the plugins that you use should be well written and lightweight as well. So if I need more functionality, I usually just code it into my theme functions.php file; It’s relatively straight forward and you can really dial in the code to suit exactly what you need.

Having said that, there are number of plugins that I rely on for almost every site I create. These plugins offer functionality that are otherwise too hard to implement and maintain, are all relatively lightweight, well written, have good support, and they are all FREE! I hope that you find it useful, and feel free to comment if I think I missed something.

By the way, I don’t use plugins for integrating social media, such ...

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